Pageants Alive! is the premiere source for cohesive LGBTQ entertainment branding.  Based in Kansas City, Pageants Alive! focuses on the entertainers, promoters and guests of LGBTQ owned and organized events and pageantry across the country.

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Products & Services
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  1. Posters
    Event Posters are just the start of building awareness for an upcoming pageant or event. Pageants Alive! appreciates the opportunity to work with new and existing customers
  2. CSocial Media Enhancements
    Facebook covers, event web page artwork, and twitter covers enhance the experience for your audience, and add hype to your upcoming pageant/event Our team seamlessly matches the imagery for your onlines accounts
  3. We Can Print Too
    Need your posters printed?
  4. And Print, and Print, and deliver
    Need a tee shirt? We can do that? Want a coffee mug, we can create that. We have established resources to serve so many of your print needs beyond ink and paper.
  5. Allow Your Audience to Help Your Marketing
    Media filters allow your audience to share their experience. Allow our designers to coordinate a filter or five to let your audience share their emer
  6. Photography
    Our parent company Deejers Design offers competitive event photography, and headshots for branding awareness. Since 2015 Deejers Design has captured amazing event photos and has been recognized locally and nationally among pageant systems.
  7. Selfie Station
    Our Selfie Station is a unique interactive option for any event. We offer a step and repeat, selfie sticks, and custom designed props to enhance the audience experience at an event starting at $300
  8. Brand Awareness
    Need some help building your brand for a pageant, event or entertainment persona. Let our consultants help you. We can help you build a campaign to promote your idea, your event theme, or your look on stage and
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