Pageants Alive! is the premiere source for cohesive LGBTQ entertainment branding.  Based in Kansas City, Pageants Alive! focuses on the entertainers, promoters and guests of LGBTQ owned and organized events and pageantry across the country.

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Pageants Alive has created a cheat sheet for creating pageant posters and artwork.  We have partnered with LGBTQ owned pageants

What You Want
What Your Audience Deserves.

Your Audience is the driving factor to the success of your event.  Anyone can create a poster.   Pageants Alive! takes the art of creating a poster to the next level.

Our team  strives to help you build a brand, a reputation of hosting amazing events, promoting  pageants that captivate and emerse attendees in an experience.

Our options are limited only by the imagination of our clients.  We have printed candy bars, mugs, hoodies, and even tea bags.   We are willing to go the extra mile to make your event spectactular while paying attention to your budget.

What you want is what has been the expectations for so long.

"I need an awesome poster."

"It needs to be amazing."

"I want it to stand out, but nothing too fancy."

What your audience deserves is a memorable  event among friends and community.  You never know who will show up and share your event.  There may be a potential investor that wants to help, or a volunteer wanting to make your next event even more amazing.  If you are given one chance to make an impression on a person, wouldn't you want to make the best effort?

Pageants Alive! has attended many events, studied the culture and the brand  awareness created by these events.  Our vision is to create  awesome  artwork and products to enhance the  perception of our customers by their target audience.

Our hope is that in doing this, we will present an amazing professional image of LGBTQ organized events within our communities.

The partnerships and relationships we have created make us different from a graphic designer.  We are brand builders.  We are go getters.  We are  the delivery drivers of dreams and we are the  believers in your truest potential.

I hope you will allow us to help you with one of your events.  Allow us to help you make a diffenrece in how your pageant is perecieved by the world around you.  Allow your creativity to flow, and stand out amongst your peers, your competition and within  our communities.

So when you next think about wants and what is deserved, don't you deserve a chance to make your event extraordinary.

                                      - Dan Rinehart
                                   Brand Builder
                                     Pageants Alive
                                                                       Owner & Principal Designer  
                                    Deejers Design

Got an upcoming event that needs a little boost in brand awareness?  Pageants Alive! can help.  Just fill out this quick form giving our team as many details as possible about your upcoming event.
If you need your order expedited, let us know and we can help you out in a bind (an additional fee is applied.)
Our designs usually take about 5-7 business days to complete,
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Pageant System

Pageant System Credentials

Enhance the experience...

From tee shirts to tote bags, apparel allows people to share their support of your event/pageant.
Coffee Mugs, Throw Blankets, Canvas prints and so much more are available for you to give as special reminders of an event.
Create Memories to last for Years
Print Items
Keepsakes for guests, sponsors, and yourself will allow the memories from your event/pageant to stay alive for years to come.
Invitations, framed prints and thank you cards can separate your event/pageant from the rest.  Consider ordering just one poster, even if for your own collection.
If there is a particular item you want, let us know when you submit your form and we can get you the pricing.  Some items may be required to purchase in bulk amounts (larger quantities).  These are not negotiable, but we promise to find you the best product for the fairest price available.

Enrich the Experience

  1. Online Tickets
    Online Tickets
    Online ticket sites can guarantee attendance and set expectations
  2. QR CODE
    QR Codes can direct your audience to your event page online, or to buy tickets immediately, boosting attendance.
  3. Snapchat Filters
    Snapchat Filters
    Oh Snap! is our special stamp to let your audience know to come ready to capture memories and use a custom Snapchat filter (or series of filters).
  4. Invitations & Thanks
    Invitations & Thanks
    A simple invitation or thank you card can be the personal touch that makes the difference for sponsors, or competitors. If anyone has given you financial assistance, a custom created card with a poster of your event can be an amazing keepsake.
Pageants Alive Cares
Use Code AIDSWALKKC10 to donate 10% of your purchase to Kansas City Aids Walk Kansas City
or use code TREVOR5 to donate 5% of your print orders to The Trevor Project.

Take a Look at Our Pricing Guide

Our Pricing Guide gives you full detail of our offerings, samples of poster designs, tips & tricks on how to get the most out of preparing your events.