Pageants Alive! is the premiere source for cohesive LGBTQ entertainment branding.  Based in Kansas City, Pageants Alive! focuses on the entertainers, promoters and guests of LGBTQ owned and organized events and pageantry across the country.

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Design your event
with your audience in mind.
Promotional Design
Print and Online.

Take Your Event Social
Make all your advertising match including:

Facebook covers
Twitter covers
Instagram covers
SnapChat filters
EventBrite Ticket set up

Sell It All
Generate Extra Income
Let Your Audience Sell Your Awareness

We Can Print too!
Apparel, professional posters, event memorobilia available within four days
from design completion.
Make a Brand that Can Stand
Brand Awareness is a key element in creating a memorable event.  In 2016, Deejers Design found a need for LGBTQ Promoters, Performers and owners to advance their brand awareness in their community.
A Brand that can stand is the philosophy of our design partnership with LGBTQ Business Owners.  Creating artwork that inspires and engages the audience, that transpires time as captivating is
In creating a brand that can stand,
we offer:
  • Poster Design
  • Cohesive Social Media Design
  • Print Options for design work
  • Apparel Design
  • Snapchat filter design
  • Event Photography
  • Headshot Photography
  • Brand Awareness Education
Visit our overseeing operation Deejers Design.  

Deejers Design is proud to support Pageants Alive! in showcasing the talents and abilities of our LGBTQ and Allied designers.  Each team member selected to work on Pageants Alive! is trained to work with clients and understand LGBT culture and aspects of planning and coordinating LGBTQ organized events.  Thank you for your support of Pageants Alive!, a division of Deejers Design.